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Winco generators is the newest aspect to my electrical business and I now am a premium dealer in Connecticut. Having started selling the Winco line in 2011, I can sell, install and service these units. These are long lasting, dependable generators and range in sizes from 3000 watt to 200,000 watt. Units include the Bi and Tri Fuel Line, running on Gasoline, Natural gas, and Liquid Propane. Diesel units, PTO units, Whole house standbys, commercial portable and fixed generators.  The Tri -fuels are the only units with full factory warranty on the Honda and Briggs and Stratton Engines that will run on three types of fuel with the flip of a switch. These are also the only epa certified tri fuel generators on the market. All units must be derated 10% for propane, and 20% for natural gas. With the mobility of a portable, and the optional fuel sources, these have become the most versatile generators on the market today. 


WINCO HOME POWER portable generators are versatile to fit a variety of needs. The fuel you choose for your portable generator may be the difference between having power or not. Whether you need a generator to power your cabin on the weekend or to keep your furnace and sump pump running during a utility failure a WINCO HOME POWER generator is an ideal portable power solution.

  • Many aftermarket LP gas or natural gas conversions do not legally meet EPA emissions requirements. WINCO has tested and certified the Home Power HPS9000VE and HPS12000HE for operation on gasoline, LP gas, and natural gas. WINCO's two tri-fuels have passed application reviews from Honda and Briggs & Stratton engineers allowing us to offer the 3-year engine warranties.
  • When disaster strikes gasoline can be difficult to get because roads are impassable, gas stations are without power or supplies have become depleted. Gasoline is also difficult to store in large quantities because it goes stale relatively quickly, varnishes and attracts water, leaving a generator inoperable without repairs. The WINCO HOME POWER generators solve this problem by operating on the common vapor fuels. Natural Gas and Liquid Propane are usually available in large quantities even in the midst of an unforeseen disaster
  • Switching between fuels is very easy with WINCO generators. To operate on vapor fuels you simply turn off the gasoline fuel line, connect the proper t-valve fitting for the selected fuel and then connect the main fuel supply. After you start the engine it is capable of providing hours of uninterrupted power from an adequate fuel supply.

They come in 3 sizes:


HPS 6000 HE 5500 watt , 6000 peak, Honda engine and electric start. Bi Fuel, runs on Natural gas, and gasoline 


HPS 9000 VE 8000 watt, 9000 peak, Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine and electric start. Tri Fuel


HPS 12000 HE 10,800 watt, 12000 peak, and Honda engine and electric start, and wheel kit. Tri Fuel


Options for the 6000 and 9000 watt units are a 2 wheel pneumatic wheel kit, cover, low pressure solenoid, battery and battery tender.

Options for the 12000 are a cover, low pressure solenoid kit, battery and battery tender.


Batteries are required on all trifuel models running on lp and natural gas. These batteries can be purchased through me, or any power equipment or automotive supply store.


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HPS 6000HE shown below

Winco's HPS6000HE is a high quality and versatile portable generator. It utilizes the dependable Honda GX340 engine and is fitted with a special carburetor which allows the engine to operate on gasoline or natural gas. Switching between fuels is quick and simple. When this generator is combined with a manual transfer switch it powers essential circuits in your residence during outages but remains mobile enough for a trip to the cabin. This is not an aftermarket adaption. You will maintain your full engine warranty and the generator set meets EPA emissions standards. 

HPS 9000 VE shown below without wheel kit
The WINCO HPS9000VE tri-fuel generator is a great value by combining great components and excellent electrical performance. The Briggs and Stratton Vanguard is commercial grade and designed to hold up under the most demanding conditions. The V-twin 480cc engine design provides smoother power than single cylinder engines. This generator produces 8000 watts of power and at less than 5% total harmonic distortion is safe for sensitive loads like furnaces, TV's and computers.
HPS 12000HE shown below

Don't rely on a modified generator to have the flexibility of switching between gasoline, natural gas, and LP gas. WINCO has been offering our Tri-Fuel generators since 1984. With a powerful Honda OHV engine this generator produces 12,000 watts of surge (10,800 watts continuous) power so you will be able to easily run essential items like pumps, sump pumps, furnaces, TV’s, and air conditioning units. This unit comes standard with the 4 wheel dolly kit.